Leak Detection


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Leak detection is a combination of training and experience. Our franchisee training program will prepare you to deal with real leak detection service calls.

As a franchisee you will receive a comprehensive leak detection manual and Power Point presentations that will assist you to prepare for the training session and to successfully run your leak detection business.

The most important part of the training is actual leak detection service calls. We will give priority and dispatch you to as many jobs as possible, and work the classroom training around these jobs. You can expect to join our expert technicians for at least 20 actual leak detection service calls. Participate and gain priceless “hand-on” experience during training.

There are two parts for your leak detection training:

  1. Classroom training for business practices, marketing techniques, power point presentations, leak detection theory, equipment usage, maintenance etc. at our corporate office in Chatsworth, Los Angeles, CA.
  2. Actual “hands on” live leak detection experience. You will ride along with our technicians to perform actual jobs. Our technicians will guide you through the procedure and explain each step. At the last days of the training you would be expected to manage the job, while our technician will supervise and assist you. You will be trained by the best, in real leak detection scenarios.

Industry Leading


You will experience live hands on:
✔  Slab leak detection
✔  Irrigation leak detection
✔  Main supply line leak detection
✔  Utility locating
✔  Pool and spa leak detection
✔  Water damage (flood) assessment
✔  Thermal Imaging
✔  Troubleshooting high water bill and more

Most importantly, as a Five Star Leak Detection franchisee you will receive continuing support and training to successfully run your business. Check out our Franchise Opportunity page for more information. Or you can call us at 866.987.5385 or email us here.

We Prepare you for Success and support your continued growth!